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If you've been set an essay to write, it's good to know that with a little prior planning you can boost your grade substantially. First, let's look at what makes a great essay. The best essays:

  • Start out by saying how they'll answer the question and why
  • Set out their main ideas clearly
  • Explain how the ideas relate to each other
  • Work through the material in a logical way, in an order that makes sense
  • Uses appropriate ways of organising the content, such as properly sized paragraphs
  • Uses appropriate words and phrases to connect the ideas put forward
  • Answers the question set!

Structuring your essay

You'll notice that a lot of the above is about structure. Even if you have great material, a poorly structured essay won't earn the highest marks. So how is a typical essay structured? Most essays contain these basic components:

  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion

In your introduction, you'll explain how you've interpreted the question set. You'll define any key terms as necessary to answer the question. You'll talk about how you'll answer the essay, covering the issues you intend to explore.

In the main body you'll cover everything you said you would in your introduction. This is all about presenting your arguments in a logical and progressive way.

In your conclusion, you'll pull everything together without introducing new material. Typically you'll answer the question. Often the last sentence is used to sum up your main argument, with reference to the title.

Writing your essay

So how can you write an essay that meets all of the above points? The steps are simple:

  1. Anaylse the question
  2. Make a rough plan
  3. Use the plan to guide your research
  4. Refine the plan as you go
  5. Write a rough draft
  6. Edit your draft in terms of both structure and content
  7. Edit your draft in terms of style
  8. Finalise your referencing
  9. Proofread and edit for spelling, grammar and punctuation
  10. Save and submit the final copy

This awesome guide from Anglia Ruskin University has more information on writing the perfect essay.

Getting help with essay writing

Some students find themselves really stumped by this process. That's where essay writing services can come in. It's important to appreciate that these should NOT be used to cheat. Instead, think of them like step 5 - a rough draft to help you write your own essay. With an essay writing service you should:

  • Check the research yourself (it's possible the writer did not cite it properly, or missed valuable parts of the work
  • Use the research to 'snowball' your own. Find sources cited within the source. Use these in the essay.
  • Give the essay a plagiarism check to ensure it is original content. Even if you intend to rewrite the essay, you want to ensure that you've received good value for money and haven't just paid someone to copy chunks from Google.
  • Rewrite the essay in your own style, adding in your own arguments.

You need to find a reliable Essay Writing Service where you can be confident that the writers used are appropriately qualified and experienced. It's also important that they offer realistic guarantees. No essay writing service can guarantee your grade as the work submitted will not be the work you received from the writer. However, they should guarantee the grade of the essay that the writer produces for you (unamended) so that you know you're working from a reliable plan/source, commeasurate to the grade you're trying to achieve.

Essay writing services can be pricey but unfortunately in this industry, you have to pay for quality. Cheap services moreoften are run by unqualified writers who simply copy and paste chunks of text from the internet - they are a waste of money and you won't necesssarily get a refund if things go wrong.

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